Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crush Step 2 CK Review

Crush Step 2 CK was a basic review for the USMLE Step 2 CK. It's a good book to read several times over before taking the boards. Although if you need help understanding a topic, it would be better to go to a more thorough source such as a textbook. The topics are organized into small paragraphs which basically list important facts. Practicing questions with a book like NMS Review for Step 2 CK is necessary to grasp concepts. I think First Aid for Step 2 CK is probably more well written although it will take longer to read.

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NMS Review for Step 2 CK Book Review

NMS Review for Step 2 CK has been an excellent resource. The test questions focus on large topics that will be tested on the boards. The questions do tend to repeat several concepts but this is a good way to learn. The explanations provide adequate depth, and sometimes even provide anecdotal stories that will help you remember key points. It's well written. Questions based on pictures are limited, but the board media questions are hard to replicate. The book has about 1000 questions and it will take about 1 month to finish.

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USMLE World For Step 2 CK Review

I used USMLE World for Step 2 CK for about four weeks. Although many people do highly suggest it, this product didn't work for me. I thought the questions were too detail oriented and the explanations were even more detailed. The explanations can easily fill the entire computer screen with each answer taking up to 300 words. I really stopped using the product after about 1 week of solid use. I switched to books afterwards - mainly NMS review and Crush.

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