Sunday, April 05, 2009


Personally, I feel like a majority of inpatients have diabetes. Optimal blood sugar control has been proven to help recovery from multiple diseases including heart disease. Understanding how to initiate insulin and its adjustment is a skill which can be used daily. An endocrine consult month would help to learn insulin management as well as deal with more esoteric concepts as dealing with panhypopituitarism

chf and copd

Knowing how to deal with chf and copd hospital admissions should help you carry through 60% of intern year.

A new personal record for sleep

Got home from a 30 hour overnight call shift at 1 PM. Went to sleep around 3 PM. Got out of bed at 8:30 AM the next day with a few interruptions in between. That's 17.5 hours. I should write a little more about internship.