Saturday, July 26, 2008

SOAP Note Creator

Medicine : Saved SOAP Notes
Saved SOAP Notes

If similar SOAP notes are written for each visit, this SOAP note software will save prior SOAP notes. It also has the ability to print the notes with defined left and top margins.

Create SOAP notes below and save them to the fields provided.
Press "Create SOAP" button to make a SOAP note. Answer the question prompts and the SOAP note will be created below. Copy the created SOAP note to the other SOAP note fields to save them.

This page uses Javascript code to save the text in these forms into a cookie. When you come back to this page, the text in the forms will be saved. Be wary of putting this information in a public computer and make sure to log on and off from your account. It is the user's responsibility to protect data. Void where prohibited.

History Taker

History Taker
History Taker A free electronic personal electronic health record. Hit the HPI then PMH buttons to answer questions. Questions: HPI Button - History of Present Illness: How old is this patient? What is the sex of this patient? What is this patient's chief compaint? What is the duration? What are the associated symptoms? PMH Button - Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Medications, Allergies: What is this patient's past medical history? What is the patient's past surgical history? What medications does this patient take? What are this patient's allergies? Please make any corrections below and then press "Generate Final" to get a personal health record page in the new window. To save the file, select "File>Save As>" and save as an HTML file.

Winter's Formula for Expected CO2

Winter's Formula Calculator
Calculates expected CO2 based on HCO3, bicarbonate.

Expected CO2 = HCO3 * 1.56 + 8.36

Saturday, July 12, 2008

SOAP Note Software

Medicine : Saved SOAP Notes

Online SOAP software creates SOAP notes and saves them for later retrieval. This can save small changes made daily to the notes. The notes can be copied into other electronic record systems. If the notes have to be printed, the top and left margins can be defined to place the note within the correct area of the paper.