Saturday, July 02, 2005

PDA for Rotations

I have to get a PDA as I start rotations for third year. Minimum requirements are 32 megabytes in memory space for medical programs.

Palm LifeDrive
Its got a 4 gigabyte hard drive, which sets it apart from any other PDA on the market. Another distinguishing aspect is its price, $500. It might be more than I need for rotations at the hospital, but it would also serve as an mp3 player.

Treo 650
This PDA has everything bundled into one small package, including a a camera and a phone. I would only have to carry one device to the hospital, and its memory is expandable with SD cards. One drawback is its small size. The Treo has a much smaller screen than other PDAs after seeing it at an electronics store. The size is good for carrying it around as a phone, but I wouldn't be too happy staring at a small screen in the hospital.

Tungsten T5
The T5 is the top of the line flash drive based PDA, with a large 256 mb of internal memory. This is its main selling point, along with its fast processor and large screen.

Tungsten T3
The T3 is probably the best value for the money among the high end PDAs. Its got a large screen accessible by pulling open the PDA. Its a unique design, but I would rather have a large screen available at all times.

Tungsten E
This is the minimum suggested PDA for rotations. Its got 32 mb of internal memory, which is enough for medical applications.

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