Tuesday, November 29, 2005

History and Physical for Pulmonary Embolism

Chief Complaint
chest pain and shortness of breath
History of Present Illness
23 year old female with past medical history significant for birth control use of five years and 15 smoke pack years presents witch chest pain and shortness of breath. Four days prior to admission, she started to experience a dull, substernal pain with deep breaths. Two days prior to admission, she experienced shar pain in lower left anterior axillary line with deep breaths. One day prior to admission, she started to experience upper left sided chest pain. While at her Ob-Gyn office on the morning of admission, she was experiencing shortness of breath, and she was told to go to the ER. Currently, her chest pain is constant on the left side. She says she can walk ten steps before becoming short of breath. She denies palpitations, leg pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, pain radiation. Previously, she experienced chest pain during this current summer which went away in four days without hospital admission.
Past Medical History
Patient denies hypertension, diabetes, stroke, coronary artery disease, rheumatic fever, asthma, or spontaneous abortions. Patient has been on Depo-provera for five years prior to current birth control of Norgestrel.
Past Surgical History
Patien did not have previous surgeries.
Patient has not received her pneumococcal, hepatitis, or flu vaccine.
Family History
Father is alive, 52 years old without hypertension, diabetes, coagulopathy, or coronary artery disease. Mother is alive, 46 years old. She has hypertension. She has no history of coronary artery disease, coagulopathy, or diabetes.Both grandmothers had strokes at old ages. Her family has no history of cancer or coagulopathy.
Social History
Alcohol - She drinks up to 12 beers during the weekend over one to two nights.
Tobacco - She has been smoking 1.5 packs per day for 10 years
Substance - She denies any substance abuse.
Psychosocial - She denies any changes in her general behavior. She lives with her friend after leaving her family residence.
Functional - She believes she has normal function.
Review of Systems
General: () weight loss () fever () night sweats () weakness/fatigue () appetiteEndocrine: () heat intolerance () decreased energy () thyroid/reanl dz () polydipsia () polyuriaLympatics: () lymphadenopathySkin: () itching () pale () palmar creases Hematology: () anemia () bruising () bleedingHead: () seizures () trauma () loss of conscioussness () headache () vertigo () dizzinessEyes: () visual changes (X) blurred vision () loss of vision () dischargeEars: () discharge () ear pain () tinnitus () ototoxic drug history () hearing lossNose: () discharge () rhinorrhea () epistaxisMouth and Throat: () lip cracking () gum soreness () gum hypertrophy () dryness () thirst () excessive salivation () throat pain () hoarsenessCardiorespiratory: (X) SOB () valvular disease (X) orthopnea (X) dyspnea on exertion () nocturia () edema (X) paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea () cough () cyanosis () hemoptysisGastrointestinal () dysphagia () abdominal pain () vomiting () hematemesis () melena () hematochezia () change in appetite () diarrhea () constipation () jaundiceGenitourinary: () change in bladder function () change in amount () dysuria () hematuria () dischargeNeuropsychiatric: () weakness () motor/sensory deficit () depression () anxietyPain: Chest pain on left side
Physical Exam
General Appearance:Vital Signs:Temperature: 98.1 F Oxygen Saturation: 100% on RA Blood Pressure: 125/82 Respiratory Rate: 18 Pulse Rate: 117Skin/Nails:Head:Eyes:Ears:Nose:Throat/Mouth:Neck:Lymph:Pulmonary: CV:Abdomen:Breasts:Rectal:Genitals:Peripheral pulses:Musculoskeletal:Neurologic:Mental StatusCN ICN IICN III,IV, VI CN V, VIICN VIICN VIIICN IX, XCN XICN XIICerebellarDTRs
Troponin I <0.05,>D-Dimer 3.20
CT - Multiple pulmonary embolisms on the right upper lobe, right lower lobe, left upper lobe, and left lower lobe in the segmental and subsegmental branches. Her right middle lobe does not have a pulmonary embolism.
PT: 13.7 PTT: 30
INR: 1.05

23 year old female with a past medical history significant for smoking and contraceptive use presenting with multiple, acute pulmonary embolisms. She presented with some classic signs of pulmonary embolism including dyspnea and chest pain (1).

1. Tierney, Lawrence M., ed. Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment. 44th ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 2005.

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