Saturday, November 05, 2005

History and Physical for Sickle Cell Crisis

H and P SC Crisis

Informant: Patient - reliable
Age: 43
Sex: M

CC: pain in head, neck, arms, stomach, and legs
Reason for Admission: pain in head, neck, arms, stomach, and legs

History of Present Illness:
Patient 43 yo AAM presented with pain in arms, back, stomach and legs which started yesterday morning. His last crisis was 2-3 years ago. It is well localized to the areas mentioned. He tried using Percocet and Oxycontin but they were ineffective in controlling his pain. He also complains of a productive cough with yellow phlegm for 2-3 weeks. He had no associated chest pain. He had no nasal congestion, but he did have post nasal drip. He has no nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or chills.

Past Medical History:
Sickle Cell Disease (SC) diagnosed at age 12. Not significant for any other chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

Past Surgical History:
No surgical history.

Injuries/Disabilities: Considers SC a disability.
Oxycontin 80 mg po bid
Percocet 5 mg 1-2 tablets q 4-6 hours prn pain
Folic Acid 1mg po qday

Herbal Meds: none
Immunizations: Pneumo and flu vaccines up to date since last year
Allergies: hay
Drugs: Morphine - lack of coordination, nervous; toradol - lack of coordination
Food: none
Family History:
Mother has sickle cell disease and diabetes. His family has no history of hypertension, cancer, cardiac diseases, or thalassemia.
Social History:
He lives in an appartment with his fiance. He's currently unemployed due to his sickle cell disability. He has no history of alcohol abuse. He smokes 3-4 cigarettes per day.

Review of Systems:
Summary: - f/c, -n/v/d, -dysuria, + cough for 3 weeks, - rhinorrhea, - headache

Physical Exam
General Appearance: Pt in acute distress from pain
Vital Signs:
Temperature: 96.7 F Oxygen Saturation: 98% Room Air
Blood Pressure: 100/46
Respiratory Rate: 16 Pulse Rate: 68
Skin/Nails: no clubbing
HEENT: PERRL, clear nasal turbinates, non-erythematous pharynx, no thyroid enlargement, no lymphadenopathy
Pulmonary: CTA BL, -w/c/r
Abdomen: soft, NT, ND
Peripheral pulses: 2+ DP
Musculoskeletal: pain in both arms, legs, and neck
CXR - clear and normal

WBC 18.4
HGB 7.3
HCT 21.8
PLT 482
Na 138
K 4.7
Cl 108
CO2 26
Cr 0.6
Glucose 81
Ca 8.4
Retic 8.71
Retic Index 8.9

Assessment: 43 yo AAM with sickle cell crisis in arms, legs, neck, and head.

Problem List:
1. sickle cell crisis
2. increased white count

Differential Diagnosis:
He's presenting with acute onset of pain which is most likely related to a sickle cell crisis. He presents with no other signs, symptoms, or lab values suggesting other etiologies such as acute rheumatic fever, osteoid arthritis, or any other polyarticular arthritis. His pain is spread throughout his bones and joints which makes an SC crisis more likely.
His white blood count could be due to an infection, but he is not presenting with fever or any inflammatory reaction symptoms. He has no tachypnea, but he does have upper respiratory infection symptoms. His pulse ox is normal. His CXR is clear and this does not appear to be pneumonia. He should be worked up with urine cultures, urine analysis, and blood cultures.
Diagnostic Plan:
1. CBC w diff
2. Screen 8
3. Retic count and Retic Index
4. Blood Cx
5. Urine Cx
6. Urine Analysis
Therapeutic Plan:
1. Dilautid 4mg IV q4h
2. 125 cc/hr D5W

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