Saturday, May 28, 2005

BRS Pathology

At 450 pages, this book can be finished in 5 days, spending about 8 hours a day, and finishing 90 pages per day. It is organized by organ systems. This book lacks color pictures, so its a good idea to use this book with a pathology textbook like Rubin's Pathology Fourth Edition. In addition to good microscopic, gross, and radiologic pictures, Rubin's has diagrams explaining diseases. Unlike a textbook, the main distinguishing factors of a disease are emphasized. The details are usually left out since they could cause confusion when covering several diseases in one organ system. This BRS book is purely a review book, and it would be difficult to understand unless you learned about the diseases while in class. This book is good to have while you take the course. In the second edition, important tables can be found on pages 6, 24, 62, 66, 75, 284, 320, and 384. The comprehensive examination at the end of book is a good, challenging review of the entire book.

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