Saturday, May 07, 2005


PathogenesisGenetic factors - HLA-B13,HLA-B17, HLA-Bw57, HLA-Cw6 increased
Environmental factors - physical injury, infection, drugs
Abnormal cellular proliferation of keratinocytes
microcirculatory changes - "bridged" fenestrations, neutrophils at tipsof dermal papillae, dec cAMP
Immunologic factors - T cell infiltration
Pathologythickened epidermis -hyperkeratosis + parakeratosis
uniformally elongated rete ridges and dermal papillae
dilated and tortuous capillaries of papillae
epidermal hyperplasia
Munro microabscesses - dense collection of neutrophils
ClinicalFeatures/Treatmentlarge, erythematous, scalyplaques
dorsal extensor cutaneous surfaces
7% - seronegative arthritis, mild
neutrophilic pustules
T - coal tar or wood tar, anthralin, corticosteroids, methotrexate,vitamin A, vitamin D
Source: Rubin's Pathology 4th Edition

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